Sunday, March 22, 2009

Warning! Pattern P*rn

Well, I couldn't control myself. I went back for more patterns. I only bought seven, although the girl who works there is becoming my friend because she sees me all the time. The guy who rang me up yesterday was like, "More patterns!? Didn't you get like 30 yesterday?" Correction: I only got 13 yesterday. 11 the day before, and 7 today. So yes, as of tonight, I bought 30. What can I say, I'm stimulating the economy. Plus, I got to use the 40 percent off coupon to purchase a pair of dressmakers shears. I was on the fence about them because they were 32 dollars, but the coupon was a great deal. They're really shiny. (Sweeney Todd music is playing in my head as my shears sparkle in the light. lol) Anyways, I'm super excited about my new pattern collection so I decided to share some pictures. BTW, I'm pretty sure no one is reading (YET), but when I find a new blog, I tend to go the the beginning and work forward through the posts. Maybe someone will want to read my blog from the beginning one day. A blogger can dream... ;)

Now, for your viewing pleasure...

Here is the whole lot of them. Pretty! The green one at the bottom is the one for my sister that set off this pattern frenzy.

I'm totally digging the Hillary Duff collection. I guess that's why I got 9 of them. I feel like these are very stylish and not too difficult (with the exception of the coats). I particularly like the ruffle top and skirt set

More prettiness!

I was going to upload more smaller sets so they were easier to see, but it's taking an excruciatingly long time. So, here you are. The only problem is, now I have so many beautiful options I don't know which one to choose first. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi, I'm reading! Not sure how I found your blog but glad I did. I can feel your excitement through your post. Trust me, I know the feeling. I have totally lost my mind in JoAnn a number of times. Especially when one of the JoAnn stores was closing and I was able to buy patterns for 50 cents!!!! Need I say more! The people at the fabric store know me too... and my kids! Do you have a Hancock where you live? They have McCall patterns for 88 cents this weekend! Looking forward to seeing what your first cloth pattern you make.

  2. Wow. Sorry I took me so long to see your comment. No Hancock near here, bummer. I kinda had the blog on the back burner for awhile (see current update post) but I'm back and ready to rock and roll! :) I have something done and as soon as I find my camera it'll be posted. Thanks for reading! I like your blog as well. Your kids are super cute! :)

  3. I'm reading you from the beginning :)


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