Friday, May 22, 2009

I made something!

Have you ever felt like sewing something but didn't know what to make? I was feeling restless tonight and knew I wanted to sew something, but 10:30pm is a little late to start on a garment. I was looking at the boring box my colored pencils and sharpies came in and thought, "Aha!" Thus this was born.


I know it isn't the most challenging thing ever created, but I'm still proud. Besides, I love anything leopard or zebra. In fact, I will be wearing zebra print heels at my wedding this July. But I digress. My pens and pencils (which I use to sketch my fashion ideas btw) have a funky new home. I'll probably add some type of embellishment later. I think JoAnns has a 50% off notion sale this weekend. Uh oh, dangerous. :) Next up, finishing the hem of my high waisted pin up polka dot skirt so I can show you all. Aloha!


  1. That is one beautiful pencil case. I love the leopard print. Welcome to blogland, I am sure you will enjoy yourself and meet lots of great people. I just started my blog too about 6 months ago and started sewing over 2 years and I am enjoying every bit of it.Have a lovely weekend

  2. Thank you very much! I was surprised and excited to find that someone besides my sister is actually reading my blog. Your comment made my evening. :) Much aloha.


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