Friday, February 12, 2010

Epic Fail

So....30+ inches of snow means delayed shipment...equals no V-day fabric until after V-day. (Insert preferred swearwords here) Good thing is the fabric isn't only for V-day, it just happens to be red. I'll still end up sewing the outfits, but without the sense of urgency.

On another note, hubby and I will most likely be moving within the month. This will be the first time moving into a place together. Our itty bitty apartment is super cramped right now, and I have a very hard time sewing (or functioning, for that matter) in clutter. Its super distracting for me. Not so conducive to productivity. So sewing may take a back burner for a bit while we move and get sorted, but the end result should be an even better and organized space. Hopefully with pics so I can show you all my leopard print ironing board. Heck yeah, talk about epic. Okey dokey, aloha all!


  1. Wasn't the snow crazy? Luckily I had fabric at home and started working on some stuff. I have not finished any of them, I wanted to work on it this week. But I have a bunch of other things to do this week. Argh, I hate being responsible! :)

  2. It was ridiculous! I really hope we're done for the winter. If not I hope it'll hold off for more of my fabric to come in. :) Woot! clearance plus a 30% off coupon. I look forward to seeing your projects. Btw, I love the earrings you make. The gray pearl ones are divine!


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