Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm back! But for real this time.

I think my blog is dusty...from disuse. I know, I suck. To my two subscribers, hopefully I'll have something interesting for you soon. To make things short, I lost my mojo, not just my sewing mojo, but my everything mojo. My husband was in Iraq and I thought, "Ok, well I'll make the best out of this and get TONS of sewing done." Wrong. I got nothing done, at all. We'd just gotten married, and I come from a huge family, so it was a lesson in being alone. Cold turkey style. But things are better now. My hubby is back. I quit my horrid job. I'm trying my best to be the most awesome domestic goddess (also known as a house wife) known to man, and hopefully we'll be buying our first home within the next two months. OMG! Right? Which means, dear invisible readers, that as long as we manage not to get knocked up, I'll have my very own hobby/sewing/library room! Double OMG! I'm painting one of the walls zebra print.

So, I've regained my sewing mojo. I think it had to do with the new Vogue Patterns that just came out. I kept seeing all my favorite bloggers posting about them. As you know, I have a thing for patterns. So the plan was pick them up on Sunday and SNOWED! Stupid, stupid, snow. My lovely, lime green, VW does not like the snow either. So I missed out on those. Bummer. I guess I'll have to use one of the nine-bajillion other patterns I've collected. Starting with actually finishing the McCall's 5590 skirt. I finally figured out (via Youtube) how to do the facing. The understitching definition was not so clear. Either that or I am a noob. But I get it now and will be whipping that baby out in no time. Not so inspiring on the envelope, but I like the tabbed versions. Plus I adore the high-waisted pencil skirt. A wardrobe must in my opinion.

Also, I purchased the Sew Everything Workshop book by Diana Rupp, which comes with 10 paper patterns and countless little tutorials inside. I want to make the "Foxy Boxers" for my hubby for Valentines days. I figure giving myself at least two weeks head start is a good idea.

The one hobby I have been paying attention to is my makeup. I've set up a Youtube channel and post makeup tutorials. It's fun. My husband got me a flip camcorder for Christmas so I've put it to use. Maybe when my sewing/hobby/library room is set up I can make a tour video. OMG! So exciting. is the url for my channel, just in case you want to take a gander.


  1. Welcome back ...and hope to see your lovely creations ...also good luck with the house, it's so nice and great mojo booster if one has her own hobby have a good week

  2. I'm pretty sure that if my husband were in Iraq, I'd be thinking of things other than sewing. Now zebra in any form is perfection, IMO. Show us a photo!


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