Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh, hello there.

I swear...the fabric just orders itself! :) More on that when it arrives on Wednesday. I hope this is a better shipping experience than last time. Stupid snow (and further proof I should be back in Hawai'i.)

I had a super busy weekend that was devoid of any sewing. So sad. My hula teacher is here from Hawai'i which means I have no life until he leaves. Dance classes all weekend. Music practice and meetings during the week. The upside is that I run around so much during the three weeks that he is here I feel like a drop a few pounds. I hope.

Cleaning and prepping for our move back to Tysons (oh thank god). No more ghetto "Hoodbridge." I didn't realize I'd be super close to G-Street Fabrics. Yay! Although my wallet is smoking from the thought. hehe

I see a bunch of bloggers I follow post nail photos, which is groovy. I'm thinking of following the crowd. At least with my makeup. Youtube videos are time intensive, but a "Look of the Day" photo on the blog would be cool. I think. Sometimes I can be a little Drag-tastic. :) We'll see.

That pretty much sums up the past week. I'm determined to finish (fix) my skirt and complete the cover. Those are this week's goals. I'll try not to slack. Feel free to poke at me if I do. :)

Aloha All,

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  1. Be careful with the nail polish, if you decide to post those too, it becomes an unnatural addiction. Tysons is my home away from home, I spend way too much time at the mall. The Mr. has put a halt on my fabric shopping until I use at least half of what I got in my stash. I am trying to figure out a way to sneak fabric into the apartment. hehehehe.....


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