Tuesday, February 9, 2010

V-day Projects: Update

Well, this hasn't been going so well. I just received my notice today that my fabric was being shipped...from Hawai'i...to Virginia. It's a good thing I chose 2nd Day Air. I still won't get it until Thursday. I did go buy Muslin to start practicing but I was distracted when I found some hot pink leopard fabric in my stash. My sewing machine (who still doesn't have a name, do you all name your machines?) is in the process of getting her own couture outfit. I'm using the instructions from the Diana Rupp book but I had to calculate all new measurements since my machine is bigger than hers. I've discovered I suck at drawing straight lines. Really, it's harder than it seems. Anyways, the book says to use oilcloth, but since I couldn't find any fabulous oilcloth, I'm using cotton. It's floppy so I'm going to reinforce it with interfacing to give it some more rigidity.

Also, here on the East Coast its been SNOWMAGGEDON! I haven't left my house except for groceries (once) in about a week. I've had TONS of sewing time, which is part of the reason I'm ticked about the fabric taking so long. The website says processing takes one to two days and then another two days for shipping. I could have had my fabric by this past Saturday. Then I would've had plenty of time to muck my way through not one, but two garments. Have I mentioned I've never finished a single garment? I know, I know, super ambitions, but I was giving myself plenty of time. Now I'll have one and half days. On the other hand, the party might be postponed for the snow. My hubby hasn't been to work since mid-Friday. Plus it's snowing again right now. We shall see.

For now the checklist is:
1.Prepping and cutting all the muslin for the outfits tonight.
2.Sewing those up tomorrow.
3.Probably getting frustrated with that and needing a break so I'll sew the Wrap skirt from the Diana Rupp book. (Turquoise zebra fabric!) Its a big rectangle with straps, how hard can it be?
4.Finishing the "outfit" for my sewing machine.
5.Naming my sewing machine. Any ideas?
6.Finding a way to fix my skirt. I used the wrong interfacing. It's too thick. Besides going out a buying new interfacing (not really an option with the snow) I'm not sure what to do with it. Not sure if I should scrap it or try and salvage. Ideas? I started that skirt last year about the time a started the blog. It's going to be a year in March I think.

I think I'll consider this a brand new start. Does it count as a year if I didn't sew anything? I certainly don't have a years worth of sewing experience. Anyways, this post is about a million miles long, so I'll sign off now. Hopefully pictures of progress tomorrow. Aloha all!

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