Thursday, February 4, 2010

V-day Projects

Okey dokey. I am super stoked. I don't think I've ever mentioned, but I am from Hawai'i and teach hula here on the East Coast. This Valentine's day we're having a potluck get together since our main teacher will be here from the islands to conduct workshops. One of the requests is that everyone wear something red the party. I was trying to think what my husband and I could wear when I decided I would make our outfits. I've found some awesome red fabric from my favorite supplier of Hawaiian prints; Fabric Mart ( They have brick and mortar stores in the islands which are more like warehouses. The best thing is almost everything is 2.99 a yard for the poly/cotton blends. I know this might not be the most desirable thing wear, but its what all my costumes are made of, and its hella cheap. This is the material that I've ordered.

I liked that it mostly one color, so I wouldn't have to deal too much with matching prints. I'm making Dave an 'aloha shirt', or a Hawaiian shirt as most people call it. I kinda of chuckle to myself when I see people complain about so many Hawaiian shirt patterns. For most men in Hawaii it is a wardrobe necessity. An aloha shirt and slacks are considered acceptable semi-formal wear. My dad must have at least 10 in his closet. My husband isn't from the islands, but he already has one. I love to see couples that have matching aloha shirts and mu'umu'us. By the way, mu'umu'u doesn't neccasarily have the be a shapeless frock. There are plenty of fitted dresses. Anyways, I'm using this pattern for Dave's aloha shirt.

I decided to go with more of a non-traditional shape for my mu'umu'u. I plan on making a copy of a costume I already have so I wanted to sew something different. I'm using this pattern.

I'm not sure whether or not to do the fitted or flouncy skirt. I'm feeling pretty fat right now so it'll probably be the flouncy one. Plus I don't want to deal with the fitting issues. It's the bottom left hand corner. The yoke and middle band will be in black (so I can wear my matching black heels) and I'll use black buttons on Dave's shirt. The fabric might not come in until Monday, so I'm starting the muslins tomorrow. It's a pretty ambitious project considering I've yet to actually finish a garment, but I tend to work better under pressure. Plus, I'll have almost a full week of sewing.

Alrighty then, wish me luck. Aloha!


  1. That's some great looking fabric - I love Hawiian prints. It's going to make a wonderful shirt and I love the sound of the dress that you are planning - it's a lovely pattern.


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