Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Quick Note

Hello all! I am alive. Where have I been? Oh you know, secret missions of the utmost importance, and all that jazz. Also known as moving. Bleck! However, everything should be done by this coming week, says the anal retentive neat freak on my left shoulder. Ha! You're crazy, says the lazy, procrastinating, slob on my right. We shall see who wins...

Anyways, once this annoying-ness is done with, I shall have a fabulous sewing space, unlike the corner I crammed everything into after moving in with the Mr. Things would probably have gone a bit quicker if not for the fact that I have a new job. I'm working at Curves! It's a women only gym. Which is great, considering my melt-down blog post from awhile ago. I'm getting paid to work out. How sweet is that? Plus it's a six minute drive from my new place. Super sweet!

Okey dokey, I'm off to pack. Aloha!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Few Things...

1. Found my camera! Many pictures to come as soon as I can get my hubby off World of Warcraft to help me with a photo shoot.

2. Vogue & McCall patterns on sale today. Woot!

3. New projects/patterns/fabrics to share.

4. I'm attending the all male gay chorus production of Grease tonight, which is why I'm not getting most of this stuff done today. I have to finish my polka dot pencil skirt that I'm wearing. :)

I'll be back in business soon! Aloha!

Monday, March 15, 2010

My sewing inspirations....

Since I've yet to find my camera I thought I'd post a few of the things that I'm loving right now. These totally get my sewing mojo going, if only for the day when I'll have the skills to knock them off. Ruffles and bows seem to be the theme here. Enjoy!

This ginormous bow actually goes in front of the skirt. I don't know if I'm brave enough for that, but I love this skirt.

This green skirt calls to me. Plus I love the button details. The color is divine.

Love! I'm planning some sort of nautical themed outfit for spring. I think this would be adorable with a red and white striped shirt. And a little sailor hat. Note to self: Learn how to sew piping, ASAP.

I don't dig the fabric. See through much? But I love those ruffles. I'd like this in fire engine red I believe. It would also work with the nautical theme.

I know, I know. But I can't help it. Something about this shiny (and probably highly flammable) skirt just grabs me. It then proceeds to yell "You would look SOOOOO Fabulous with me on!"

There you have it. My sewing muses for the moment. Why so many skirts? Well I feel like I'd be able to knock these off sooner than any of the dresses I lust for.

In other news, I am crazy. I entered the Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe Contest. I'm not sure why. I guess all the story boards and pretty fabrics got to me. I had thought to do my nautical themed outfits for the contest, but it seemed everyone and their aunt picked those colors. So I'll most likely do animal prints. I can't help it, its the Drag Queen in me. Ta-ta Dahlings!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dear Missing Camera

Please un-hide yourself so I may share all the awesome stuff going on with my blog-friends. Thank you. That is all.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

FYI: Simplicity Pattern Sale

That's right all. This whole week Simplicity patterns will be 1.99 at Jo-ann. Yay! LOL, like I need more patterns. However, I just completed my first garment (gasp) which I will share with you as soon as I find my camera, so I decided I deserve new patterns. :) The logic makes sense in my head. Just ignore the fact that I have tons of others to sew up. Anyways, Simplicity patterns for all! Have a groovy Sunday. I'm off to hula class.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming....

I wouldn't normally post something weight related, but things have gotten so out of hand that I feel like maybe this will give me the kick in the skirt I need. I follow a blog, Bitch Cakes, and she is fabulous. From her sense of style, her fab hair, and her amazingly inspirational weight loss journey. Reading about her accomplishments gave me to motivation to finally step on the scale. I've been avoiding it, you see. I knew it would be bad. I could feel the difference in how my clothes fit, but the number still shocked me. I'm only 4'11. So according to the WW chart I should be 124 pounds. Really?! Wow, I can't even remember when I was that small. Middle school perhaps. I'm trying not to get too upset about it. A little self loathing can sometimes be a good motivator, but there is a fine line between that and just saying "F*ck it, I'm already fat. I'm gonna eat a Baconater."

I know weight loss has nothing to do with Sewing, Cupcakes, or Couture, but I'm thinking about adding weekly updates. For accountability. This does lead me to another thought...

Part of me doesn't even want to sew. I feel like why should I waste time and effort when I don't want to be this size? Should I wait until I lose weight to sew clothes? But I like sewing. Then I worry that all these patterns that I collect will be useless if I lose all the weight. How annoying.

Years ago I did South Beach and lost about 15 lbs. It was great, but I gained it back as soon as I stopped. The hard part for me is a lifestyle change. Plus I'm feeding my husband as well, and he loves food just as much as me. We're moving in a month, so hopefully we can start fresh in our new place. Kitchen, pantry, ect. The gym is across the street, so that's a plus.

Anyways, enough of this emo-ness. I have some really awesome things going on right now that I'll share soon. It's these things that are keeping me from going out my mind. Thanks for listening to my sob story. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pins are evil!

I had forgotten how tedious sewing can be sometimes. I HATE pinning. I do. It blows. I'm working on a wrap skirt right now and had just about finished pinning the largest pattern piece when I realized I'd somehow shifted it and it no longer was lined up with the grain. Ugh! I figured it would be best if I took a step back before I did something light it all on fire. So I'm trying to relax while I whine (sorry guys) about it to you all and eat some fruity pebbles. Yum. Does anyone else find pinning to be the hardest part about sewing? It is by far the most annoying. I may be strange, but I actually enjoy prepping and ironing the fabric, but pinning just about zaps the enthusiasm out of me. :le sigh: Perhaps I'll go youtube it and see if there are any tips or tricks that would make it easier for me. I'd hoped to get this finished by tonight but I'm not sure if that'll happen now. At least I'll have new patterns to cheer me up tomorrow. TTYL!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Joann's is having a 99 cent Butterick pattern sale the 4th through the 6th. You all know how I am about patterns so I will certainly have something to post about in a few days. Also, I believe I'll be receiving another visit from the Fabric Fairy. I guess I've been a good girl lately. :)

P.S. I have a project in the works and hopefully will have some progress to show ya'll tomorrow.

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