Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pins are evil!

I had forgotten how tedious sewing can be sometimes. I HATE pinning. I do. It blows. I'm working on a wrap skirt right now and had just about finished pinning the largest pattern piece when I realized I'd somehow shifted it and it no longer was lined up with the grain. Ugh! I figured it would be best if I took a step back before I did something light it all on fire. So I'm trying to relax while I whine (sorry guys) about it to you all and eat some fruity pebbles. Yum. Does anyone else find pinning to be the hardest part about sewing? It is by far the most annoying. I may be strange, but I actually enjoy prepping and ironing the fabric, but pinning just about zaps the enthusiasm out of me. :le sigh: Perhaps I'll go youtube it and see if there are any tips or tricks that would make it easier for me. I'd hoped to get this finished by tonight but I'm not sure if that'll happen now. At least I'll have new patterns to cheer me up tomorrow. TTYL!

1 comment:

  1. I hate the ironing! ARGH! What a bore. Pinning is a pain. But I will take pinning over ironing anytime.


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