Saturday, March 6, 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming....

I wouldn't normally post something weight related, but things have gotten so out of hand that I feel like maybe this will give me the kick in the skirt I need. I follow a blog, Bitch Cakes, and she is fabulous. From her sense of style, her fab hair, and her amazingly inspirational weight loss journey. Reading about her accomplishments gave me to motivation to finally step on the scale. I've been avoiding it, you see. I knew it would be bad. I could feel the difference in how my clothes fit, but the number still shocked me. I'm only 4'11. So according to the WW chart I should be 124 pounds. Really?! Wow, I can't even remember when I was that small. Middle school perhaps. I'm trying not to get too upset about it. A little self loathing can sometimes be a good motivator, but there is a fine line between that and just saying "F*ck it, I'm already fat. I'm gonna eat a Baconater."

I know weight loss has nothing to do with Sewing, Cupcakes, or Couture, but I'm thinking about adding weekly updates. For accountability. This does lead me to another thought...

Part of me doesn't even want to sew. I feel like why should I waste time and effort when I don't want to be this size? Should I wait until I lose weight to sew clothes? But I like sewing. Then I worry that all these patterns that I collect will be useless if I lose all the weight. How annoying.

Years ago I did South Beach and lost about 15 lbs. It was great, but I gained it back as soon as I stopped. The hard part for me is a lifestyle change. Plus I'm feeding my husband as well, and he loves food just as much as me. We're moving in a month, so hopefully we can start fresh in our new place. Kitchen, pantry, ect. The gym is across the street, so that's a plus.

Anyways, enough of this emo-ness. I have some really awesome things going on right now that I'll share soon. It's these things that are keeping me from going out my mind. Thanks for listening to my sob story. :)


  1. Keep on Andrea! It's rough to be in a mentally (and pragmatically) transitional place but I know you can work the lifestyle changes in permanently. I discovered that the "diet" really can only be a "lifestyle". If you can't get with it forever, you need to find another plan that works. Because, one has to stay on the track in order to maintain one's shape. Frustrating and challenging, but when you find a good eating system, you'll be set.

  2. The fight of the bulge. That is what I call it. I am also trying to drop the weight. I was keeping track on my blog. But so much with work has been going on that loosing weight has fallen by the waist side. The good thing is that I have not gained the weight that I already lost. I also have the same thoughts as you when it comes to sewing, I have so much I want to make but I do not want to make fat clothes. So when I go pattern shopping I buy the size I want to be.

  3. Ya I work at home and the fat has seemed to creep upon me quick. So I have started on gathering stuff like gym weights and equipment plus a wii fit. So here is to getting fit. But to your question as to whether you should sew at this weight...I say yes, because you can learn a lot about pattern alterations at this state. When you slim down you will have to redo the pattern or alter the clothing. A learning experience.
    Lacey @

  4. you are insanely gorgeous just the way you are but kudos to your discipline and grit. good luck with everything!


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