Monday, May 31, 2010

Almost finished....

Well I finally got around to sewing my McCalls 5523 skirt in View A, with my super awesome leopard fabric. All was going swimmingly until I pretty much finished and then wondered how I was going to finish the seam allowances. I had failed to read through the instructions (recently, anyways) and thought they would address that at the end. The last pattern I sewed was from Diana Rupp's book and it was a "beginner" pattern, so she went over that in the instructions. I guess McCalls assumes I'm not a noob and will know to finish my seam allowances as I go. Lame. Now I don't know what to do. From the outside the skirt looks great. But the inside? Not so much. I don't even think pinking them will work, the fabric is kinda prone to fraying. Grrrr! I don't think I have enough sanity to unpick everything and start again. Any ideas? I have to save it, because I love it already. Do you ever sew anything and by the time you're done with it you really don't want to wear it? This is not the case. I LOVE this skirt. I tried it with a purple top and matching shoes earlier. LOVE! I love leopard and purple. So as you can see, I really need to figure out how to salvage this. Perhaps I'll line it so all the seams are enclosed within the liner? Maybe? Ideas? Bueller? Bueller? lol I'll talk to you guys soon. Hopefully with a finished skirt to show you. Aloha all!

P.S. I have a GIANT Fabric Fairy post for ya'll. I think she likes me or something. lol

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Real Reason I Never Get Any Sewing Done

I LOVE to read. I always have. I'm never without a book. That said, it's also what keeps me from getting as much sewing done as I'd like. I'm either reading novels or surfing through my favorite sewing blogs. I totally consider that research by the way. So I don't think it counts.
Since it occupies so much of my time, I thought I'd include a bit about it on my blog. These are a few that I've read in the last few weeks or so. There are more, but I've returned them to the library, so no pics.

Fantasy in Death by J.D. Robb: This is the newest in the futuristic crime series. This is my favorite book series hands down. I think this most recent is number thirty. If you're interested in reading about a strong, kick-a$$ heroine set in a very interesting near future, this is awesome. But for the love of OCD, please start at the beginning. That would be Naked in Death.

Evil at Heart by Chelsea Cain: I just finished this yesterday. This is the third in a series about a female serial killer. I love a good serial killer story, and I was really interested to find one where the killer was a woman. These are good reads, but very, very, violent. Not for the faint of heart. You've been warned.

The Living Dead: This is a huge anthology of zombie stories. I love zombies. I can't watch zombie movies, too chicken. But I love to read about them. Great collection.

Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts: This is what kept me distracted on Saturday. Third in the Wedding Series. I really like this quartet so far. The last one will be released in Nov. I started reading these book while I was planning my own wedding. I've been waiting for this one to come out because it's about the wedding cake baker. I make cakes too. First story was about the photographer, second was the florist, fourth will be the planner. The series is about four friends who run a wedding planning business together. It's fun, fluffy, and guaranteed to leave you in a good mood.

Life Nude Elf by Reverend Jen: This is one of those random books you see for a couple bucks and figure "why not". I'm glad I picked it up. It's written vignette style as she talks about all of her "sexperiments" as a columnist. It's hilarious. And totally not for kids. You've been warned.

I'm keeping track of everything I read this year. So far I'm at about 30. The goal is 100+ and I'm pretty sure I'll make it. Now I just need to get my sewing production up to speed. :) I've just returned home from visiting the in-laws and then making it down to spend time with my madre. No sewing was accomplished, however I did discover I am a terrible golfer. lol I've got the leopard skirt on the table for tomorrow. Updates to follow.

So, lovely bloggy friends, what are you reading? Let me know what you love. I'm always up for a good book. :)

Aloha all!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Fabric Fairy Strikes Again!

Aloha all! My fabric family is growing. The fabric fairy (by way of has bestowed these beauties upon me. I figured I would show and tell, and maybe you all could help me figure out what these will become one day.

First up: 100% Polyester Charmeuse Satin in Off White. I thought I'd try to make a slip or a night gown with this. I love the way it feels. Apparently so does my husband. After feeling it, he promptly demanded a pair of boxers. Ha! We'll see. Perhaps I'll make him a pair to match my nightie if there is any left. How annoyingly cute is that? lol This comes in about a million colors. I especially love the peacock blue. If this goes well I know what the Fabric Fairy will be bringing me next. :)

Next: I call this my Big A$$ Blue Blooms fabric. Each rose is the size of my hand. It really was love at first sight. It's a stretch cotton sateen. I'm thinking skirt, probably pencil. It would probably be too much as a dress. I adore this fabric, plus I have matching eyeshadow. Heck yes!

Next: This is a stretch cotton poplin. In reality, it's more burgundy than what is showing up in the photo. I still haven't figured out how to make the colors show up right on film. I was also thinking a skirt with this one, but I'm a little afraid of giant purple flowers on my butt. It will most likely be a fuller skirt.

Lastly: Duh, you guys know how I roll. Of course there is an animal print. This is a stretch cotton twill. It's a little stiffer than I'd like. Definitely a bottom weight. While I don't like them for the most part, I can see this as a skirt with an exposed zipper. Maybe.

Can you guys tell I'm a little afraid to venture into anything harder than a skirt? I know I'll have to (wo)man up eventually, but for now they are my comfort zone.

What is that you ask? What happened to my Super Saturday of Sewing? Well....I kind of got distracted. But it's ok, because I think I'm bringing my sewing machine with us this weekend to visit the in-laws. Apparently I never shut up about sewing and have gotten my madre-in-law interested in it again. Yay! Maybe she'll be a bit more focused than I am and we'll get something accomplished this Saturday. Btw, Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there.

Also, I love I can always find something I like at a great price. Shipping is fast and I've yet to be shorted on yardage. Unlike Jo-Ann, which is also (always) more expensive. Receiving a box in the mail is fun too. It's like Christmas all the time! lol Plus I can always find a coupon for them too. :)

P.S. I'm am not in any way payed by to sing their praises. However, if they'd like to give me free fabric, awesome.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Andrea's Super Saturday Sewing Adventure

After a pretty hectic week, I was pleasantly surprised I had absolutely nothing to do this Saturday. Well, cleaning the house doesn't count, I'm ignoring it. No work, no performances, no travel, nothing. I almost don't know what to do with myself. Just kidding. It has been nearly three months since I've sewn anything. I know! It's terrible! I hang my head in shame.... However, I have managed to increase my fabric stash and pattern population. I swear, those things multiply like rabid bunnies. Damn 99 cent sales. :) Anyhoo, I've declared Saturday to be my sewing day. I will will have a finished product by the end of tomorrow. Cross my heart. I've decided on my pattern and fabric, and I'm setting up my game plan as I type.

The fabric: My new lovely leopard

The Pattern: View A from McCall's 5523

The Game Plan: I'll sew a muslin with some old sheets (Die ugly bachelor pad sheets!) while the fabric is in the washer. Hopefully everything goes well and I don't get confused. :) If the sewing gods are kind, weird fitting issues will not arise and the real one will go together smoothly. And if things go really well and I'm not 1) pulling my hair out 2) yelling/cursing at pieces of fabric or 3) crying , by the end of all of this, I may even play model and show off my new skirt.

So that's the plan. Hubby will be out of the house for most of the day, so I'll have some peace and quiet. As long as I don't get distracted by some of the new awesome books I've just picked up, Mission Saturday Skirt will be a success. I love alliteration. :)

On a side note, does anyone other than me have to pour through dozens of Pattern Review posts before they'll commit to a pattern? Maybe it's because I have so many now, (THAT topic will get its own post lol) or maybe I'm just skittish about using my fabric. I still have that fear of ruining it by cutting wrong, or sewing "retardedly," ect. Well, I guess that would be the whole point of the muslin, huh?

Anyways, I'm off to sleep so I'll have plenty of energy for my SUPER SATURDAY SEWING ADVENTURE!!! lol Wish me luck, and hopefully I'll have pictures by the end of the day. Aloha!
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