Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's a's a plane....

No, it's an actual post on my blog. Who woulda thunk it. lol Hello bloggy friends. Life has been changing. Lots of awesome changes though. My hubby is back from the middle east, some scary health scares of been resolved (all clear!), and I have a new job. Which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am now a super cool preschool teacher! Which means I need a super cool preschool teacher wardrobe. :) One of my favorite bloggers is Shannon of Hungry Zombie Couture. She is a super cool high school teacher with an awesome sense of style. We also have similar heights and body types, so I know the things she wears will probably look good on me too. So, using her as inspiration, as well as our mutual muse, Ms. Emma Pillsbury, I am working on building my super cool preschool teacher wardrobe. I did buy a bunch or RTW stuff to get me started. Which is wear I found "The Perfect Work Skirt".

This is a 10 gore skirt made out of Swiss dot fabric, lined, and with a sweet little eyelet detail at the bottom. You can't really tell from the picture, but it is fabulously twirly. I pair it with a red shell and a black cardigan, and I feel pretty damn spiffy while I flounce around. :) Anyways, I decided it was perfect for pretty much every aspect of work. Sitting on the ground, chasing children around the classroom and playground, and the fact that we don't have adult size chairs. So when I'm sitting down, my butt is about a foot off of the ground. I was surprisingly sore after my first couple of days and I wondered why, until I realized I was probably doing about a billion lunges and squats all day. lol

So, since it is "The Perfect Work Skirt", I decided to take a pattern from it so I can make about a dozen more. This is what I came up with along with the fabric I'll be using. I discovered I have a stupidly difficult time drawing straight lines, on graph paper nonetheless. Ridiculous.

The fabric is being pretreated as I type and I hope to have everything cut and the major seams sewn by the end of tomorrow. It is interesting to find out that I am more productive when I only have short periods of time to sew. I didn't work as many hours at my last job and would literally have a whole day to sew sometimes, yet I didn't sew a stitch. Now, between the gym, work, dinner, and hubby time, I have maybe an hour or two. And I spend all day at work thinking about coming home and sewing. I guess I have my sewing mojo back.

Also, my birthday was a couple days ago and I received numerous books, including some about zombies, horror, futuristic romantic mysteries, and a sewing book. What more could a girl need?

The reviews for this are pretty good. I'm not sure if I would categorize myself as a beginner or novice seamstress, but it has some good basic information that would be helpful to someone new to sewing. I love the great photographs and the idea that you use your own measurement to create your pattern. I've become more interested in pattern drafting, and was actually looking for this book for my birthday, but it wasn't at the store. Has anyone read it? Is it any good?

Perhaps it will be my next conquest after I work through the skirt book. I'm off to iron some polka dot fabric now. Until next time, Aloha all!
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