Thursday, September 2, 2010

Apparently, I'm crazy...

...Because I just finished ordering the Lady Grey pattern from Colette Patterns. That's right, peeps, I too, will be (attempting) participating in the Lady Grey sew-along that super cool sewing blogger Gertie is hosting. I'm pretty nervous to say the least. I have a few concerns.

1) I've never payed more than 3.99 for a pattern (Thank you Joann pattern sales), so twenty bucks for a pattern that might be too difficult for me is a little daunting.

2) As my husband lovingly puts it, I'm a "noob" (newbie, you all ya'll non geeky gamers). I have doubts that I can even complete this coat. However, Sarai did an interview with Gertie where she explained that the Advanced label on the pattern refers more to the abundance of pieces and the length of time it takes to sew it all, rather than the difficulty of sewing it. This makes me feel a little better. However, I've never done any tailoring. This makes me more nervous.

3) 5 plus yards of coat appropriate fabric is probably going to be expensive. I like to justify my fabric purchases by saying, "Oh, this is 15 dollars of fabric to make a skirt that would probably cost 90 bucks in the stores. I'm saving money!" I know coats are expensive, but I've never paid more than 70 bucks for one, so the idea of paying about that much for fabric that might not even get turned into a coat...madness! For now, I just won't think about that part. :)

However, I am not a logical creature all of the time, and even with those 3 pretty solid arguments against participating, I am indeed going to try. Madness, I say. 100 plus people are also in this crazy boat with me, so I figure what is the worst that can happen? :)

P.S. Polka Dot skirt of Fantastic-ness is near completion. :) :) :) It is coming together much better than the stupid Leopard Print Skirt of DOOM! Which I still have not completed. We've broken up for now.

ALSO: Joann's has 1.99 McCalls and 3.99 Vogues this Labor Day weekend. Woot!


  1. Yay! I'm doing this too. BTW, I think it's 4 yards not 5, fyi. And some peeps said fabric was drastically overestimated based on finished product.

  2. I thought about doing it too. I went on over to G Street Fabric in 7 corners to look at fabric for the coat and I changed my mind. Everything I wanted was just too much. I will cheer you on from the side lines.

  3. I've made this coat and I know you can do it! There *are* a lot of pieces but if you stay organized you'll be just fine! I found my fabric on in the discount section. It was a 5 yard bundle of really nice wool guaze for $35! Deals can be found, you just have to dig a little. Can't wait to see how yours turns out! It really is a lovely coat!


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