Monday, September 6, 2010

I am going to cry...

Today was going pretty well. I sewed on a million inches of bias strips to finish my inside seams. I'm OCD like that. I even took the fact that the waist stretched (or my math was wrong) in stride. Easy, just added a few darts and "Presto!" all fixed. Then, at the last minute, as I was trying it on to double check the length before I started hemming, I broke the zipper. The zipper that I had to insert twice because the first time wasn't perfect enough. See, I trimmed the zipper and forgot to sew new stops. So when I zipped it up, off came the zipper head. Dumb, dumb, dumb! It was the last white zipper. I have pink, purple, lime, and teal zippers, but no white. And at this point I'm so disheartened I don't even want to leave to make a run to the store. :sigh: Perhaps it will be my second day of school outfit, but right now I can't seem to make myself devote any more time to it. All right, rant/whine over. I hope everyone else is having a stress free sewing day. :)


  1. Oh, this sucks so bad! I know the misery of the sewing mishaps - and the freakin' zippers. I mean, I've got to do a zipper and I just left it for tommorrow. I can't get into it today. Don't worry - the second day of school outfit is much more meaningful. That's when people stop looking at their own outfits and start looking at yours!

  2. Argg! I *hate* when I do that. Just take a deep breath....K.Line has an excellent point!


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