Monday, September 13, 2010

New from Colette Patterns!

Many people are familiar with indie pattern company Colette Patterns. She has fabulously feminine patterns with a lovely vintage twist. The fact that they all have culinary themed names appeals to the foodie in me. I subscribe to their Facebook, and was delighted to find a notice for a new pattern.

This is the lovely Crepe pattern. It is a very cute wrap dress that I know I will be able to wear at work. I love a lot of her patterns, but knowing I can't wear them except for the weekend (I play with kids all day, sometimes in the mulch) has kept me from ordering more. I know I will utilized this pattern. It also helps that there are no closures to fiddle with. Yay. Unlike the Sencha I just ordered, which has a million and five buttons.

I know I'm a little slow on this particular bandwagon, but seeing all the fabulous versions of the Sencha all over the internet helped me finally commit to buying it. Remember, I've never paid more than 3.99 for a pattern (yay for sales) so you know this is true love. I already have about five different fabrics I want to make the Sencha out of. :)

I just put in the order, so hopefully I'll have these by Friday and can spend some of the weekend on them. I figure having these "beginner" patterns will help if things don't go so well with Lady Grey (which I still haven't found fabric for).

Also, I am a ninja and I taught that zipper who is boss. My Emma Pillsbury inspired polka dot just needs to be hemmed now. I should have that to show you all soon. :) Aloha all!


  1. Eeeek! After reading this I just went to buy the Sencha, which I've been waiting to come through on reorder for, like, a month. Hilarious that we both want this pattern! Well, I guess we're in good company. I'm thinking of going to the Snapsource site and buying the snapsetter attacher so that I can simply mechanically attach snaps, instead of sewing them (or buttons) on. Thoughts?

  2. BTW, I have 2 fabrics lined up for this one.

  3. I swear I checked the website everyday only to see the "Back ordered" sign. I saw it other places, but I wanted to buy directly from Sarai. I forget where, but I saw a review of someone who made it with snaps and then sewed on buttons for show. I like this idea. I've read it can be a bit challenging to get in and out of with all the buttons. I'm Pro-snap. :) Have you lined up your Lady Grey fabric yet? I'm waffling back and forth between a serviceable black, or a lime green. Perhaps I'll do black with a lime lining. I definitely know I'm going to do a trench weight fabric though. A thick wool is just too out of my comfort zone right now.

  4. I waited too! Yes, I bought my fabric on Friday - it cost 13.50 a yard (on sale). Not exactly a cheap home made coat! :-) Esp. since I haven't bought the lining yet and the muslin cost too... I'm going to post a photo on the Flickr pool, if I get my act together. I went with boiled wool boucle in navy. It's got nice drape and hand. I am going to get the snap setter...


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