Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh Em Gee Guys! (Warning! Picture Overload)

I've finished my Emma Pillsbury inspired skirt! I'm pretty much pleased as punch right now. This is a pretty big achievement for me. Most of you don't know, but I have a terrible condition. Sewing ADD. My overactive mind bounces from idea to idea and leaves a wake of lonely UFOs (unfinished objects) behind. So the fact that I was able to come up with the plan, draft the pattern, obtain fabric, prep, cut, sew, rip out, sew, rip out, press, and hem (whew!) in a smidge over two weeks is pretty good for me. And I managed not to start another project too! I know some sewists can turn out a new skirt in a few afternoon hours, (one day so will I!), but for now, I'll be happy with two weeks. For the record, I have one UFO that was started over a year ago. Sad, I know.

Here are a few shots before I start nitpicking.

I'm not a fan of posting my face on the internet sans makeup, which is why my head as been omitted. On to the details. First, the good.

I'm super happy that I took the time to use bias tape on the inside seams. I love how finished it looks. Keep in mind, this is a 10 gore skirt. That's a lot of bias tape, but totally worth it, in my opinion. However, the next time I will probably use french seams.

The not so good.

This is the zipper that caused so so much angst last weekend. However, with some deep breathing and some super focus, I fixed the zipper stop. I sewed and ripped this out four times during the process of this skirt. I'm happy with how straight the sides are, but not so happy that the top is uneven. Also, it peeks out. I may look into an invisible zipper foot.

The other thing I need to work on is hemming with such a full skirt. When I added the bias tape I only brought it down as far as where the hem would be. It ended up being a tad shorter than I'd like. Next time if I use bias tape, I'll bring it all the way down the the bottom so I won't end up stuck at the end. That way, I'll be able to trim away the excess fabric so I don't have this. I could have trimmed it so this didn't happen, but it would've taken off another inch. That would've made it too short for work. I'll take a slightly pinched inside hem. It doesn't show on the outside. Lesson learned.

This weirdness happened after I had to take almost four inches out of the waist. WTF? I don't even know. It may have been a combination of a slight stretch in the fabric, sewing with a smaller seam allowance that on the pattern, or my math. Ah, and you can see the zipper is slightly cockeyed. I think that is why it peeks out at the top. Another lesson learned.

I am happy. Weirdness and flaws included. I learned a few things and have a cute new skirt to wear. I've already planned a few outfits. :)

Oh! I have left over fabric so I'll be making a headband, hair bows and some fabric flowers for a pin. Don't worry, I won't wear them all at the same time. lol Okey dokey. I'll talk to you guys later. Aloha! :)


  1. You did a great job! The skirt looks awesome. I completely understand about the sewing ADD, I have it too. I also like all your outfit combinations.

  2. Isn't it impossible not to nitpick?? Looks fab! And the 2nd week of school people notice even more :-)


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