Saturday, September 25, 2010

Zombies+Stitching= So Freaking Awesome!!!

I love zombies. I do. I think of them often and have a library full of books on the subject. I have a zombie plan for both my home and work. I encourage you all to plan accordingly for the zombie apocalypse. When I whine about exercising, I remind myself that cardio health will separate the survivors from the blue plate specials come Z-Day. This is half public service announcement, half crafting post. :)

Today I found something super awesome. It combines my love of sewing and my obsession with zombies. Are you ready? Check it out!

How freaking cool is this!? I literally gasped out loud as I snatched it off the shelf. I may have bounced a little bit as I read over the different projects. :) Look how cool these are!

There are 12 patterns and enough supplies to do the first three projects in the book. The only thing missing is a hoop, but I already had one. My blouse has taken a back seat for the moment as I work on one of the patterns. I had planned on doing a few steps a day so that I'd have it finished in a week, but somehow (Season Premeire week of all my favorite shows) I got off track. So I'll try and get it all done tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

I'll end this post with my favorite zombie haiku:

You are so lucky
That I don't remember
How to use door knobs


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  1. Hey - I wrote an update on that Lady Grey post for you - not sure if you saw it. Are you still doing it?

  2. I did. Thank you! You were super thorough. I've fallen a little behind, but I'm still in the running. How can I quit when I have an entire post update dedicated to me? :)

  3. Oh, I didn't do it for that reason! (Nothing like feeling obligated into sewing :-)) I do think you'll have fun as you get more into it. I've discovered that it's really easy to feel overwhelmed by it. If I just do a little bit as often as possible, that takes the edge off...

  4. Half of my battle is that thus far in my sewing journey, I've sewn two skirts. That's it. I've never sewn anything with sleeves, or a bodice, so jumping feet first into a project that requires tailoring is a bit overly ambitious. Calling this project a learning experience is a giant understatement. lol But I am excited. The initial "Holy crap, how am I ever going to do this when I have no idea what anyone is talking about!?" feeling has past and I am looking forward to the process.


    1. Hi there. I found this kit at Barnes and Nobles, though I've seen it other places. Try amazon, you can pretty much find anything there. :)


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