Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kick Ass Zebra-esque Crackle Manicure!

For the record, this isn't sewing related but does contain lots of glitter and I think its super cool. :)

So this past week I took a trip to my local Sally beauty store and picked up the kit to do my own at home gel manicures. It was a little bit pricey, but pays for itself in about 3 salon visits. I payed 29.99 for the kit, and 56.99 for the UV light. However, I found the exact same light online for 25.99. Grrrr, damn my need for instant gratification. With a little practice, I was able to do these nails.

Not to shabby for the first try. The best part? No chipping, flaking, or smearing. Once cured under the UV light, gel manicures can't really be messed up or removed until soaked off in acetone. I wash my hands A LOT at school. So regular polish is toast after a day or two. Gel nails are perfect for people who are hard on their hands. So, perfect french manicure that I can't wreck and will last for weeks? Check! The downside? I get bored after awhile. Which leads me to today's post.

The ingredients?

Silver nail polish, OPI Shatter polish in black (China Glaze also makes a black Crackle polish too) and a top coat.

First step: Paint about two coats of the silver polish.

Next: Apply the Shatter polish in a thin layer, trying not to overlap any of the polish. It will start to crack immediately and you'll be able to see patches of your original color underneath. Let dry, then add your top coat to seal everything and to make it all shiny again because the Shatter polish dries matte. This is the result.

I'm pretty happy with this. I'm sure it will only last a few days, but that's where the awesome-ness of the gel manicure comes in. As long as I remove the nail polish with an acetone free remover, the french manicure underneath will remain intact.

There you have it. A fun, easy, zebra-esque manicure that is sure to turn heads. Let me know if you try it yourself. Enjoy and aloha!

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  1. The silver and black nails are my fave!!!


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