Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Epic Sewcation: Day 1

Hello Bloggy Friends! This week is Spring Break from school and I've taken to calling it The Epic Sewcation! Yesterday was full of productivity. I'm pretty pleased with myself. I got up at a decent hour (a success in itself) and caught up on a bunch of housework. The movers will be packing us out in two weeks and we still have lots of organizing to do. Then I took a break for a mini tea party. :)

The rest of the day was spent reading and finishing the BurdaStyle Charlie, a reusable grocery bag. This is a free pattern on the BurdaStyle website. I really enjoy putting together their paper patterns for some reason. I know some people can't stand it, but I find the simple task kind of soothing.

This was my test bag. I'm planning on making all the other teachers I work with a bag as a little going away/I'll miss you present. While scrounging around my stash I found an old turquoise zebra print pillowcase. After ripping out all the seams it was the perfect amount of fabric. I didn't even read the instructions because I had Gertie's youtube video to watch. I wish all patterns came with a video guide. I guess I'm a visual learner. Sometimes it takes me forever to understand what I'm supposed to do with paper instructions.

I ended up binding all the seams with bias tape since I don't have a serger, and I like how polished it looks. While it does add time to the whole project, I'm convinced the seams are stronger, which is great when you're carrying a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper. (I LOVE Dr. Pepper, so this will be a good thing). The handle seams are french seamed and then stitched down for added strength, and because it's pretty. :)

This is the inside pocket that it folds into.

And this it all tucked and folded. :)

All in all, I'm pleased with how this sewed up. I have 11 to make for my colleagues, so I'm glad it's a fairly quick project. I'm going to have to figure out how to use my new Clover bias tape maker though, because each bag take a little over a whole package of bias tape.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2 of The Epic Sewcation. :) Aloha all!

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