Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zebra Print Bias Tape? My Life is Complete.

Hello Bloggy friends! I hope all my American readers had an awesome Memorial Day weekend. I spent mine in heated battle with the dreaded laundry monster, and I'm pleased to tell you I came out victorious! Unfortunately battling that, as well as other minor household minions, took up pretty much the whole weekend. But I was finally able to sit down and get some sewing related stuff done. The result is so freaking cool it totally numbs the pain of domestic warfare. No joke, I almost lit the last load of laundry on fire instead of folding it and putting it away. I was thissss close!

Anyways, without further adieu...

How awesome is this!?

I'm going to need about a MILLION miles of black double fold bias tape for the eleven bags I'm making for my fellow teachers as a going away present. There was no way I was buying that much bias tape when I have a perfectly nice black twin flat sheet that I can turn into a MILLION miles of bias tape. So, I was testing out the tutorial* from the Collete Patterns blog with some fun fabric. I didn't actually get to the sewing part of that tutorial yet. It's currently after midnight and I don't want my downstairs neighbors to hate me. The above is actually a scrap from cutting out my perfect square (which is much harder than you would think, or I just really suck at drawing/cutting straight lines). It's pretty much just fabric origami with a few seams thrown in there. Plus you don't have to piece a MILLION tiny strips together. :)

I'm using the one inch Clover bias tape maker. Using two inch strips of fabric and folding it double, yields me the perfect 1/2 inch double folded bias tape I need. Peeps, I don't think I'll ever purchase bias tape again. I have a ton of crazy fabric in my stash just asking to be made into bias tape. Hot pink cheetah? Yep! Turquoise Zebra? Hells Yes! Like five different colors of polka dot? Damn straight! I've always been partial to binding my inside seams for a cleaner look. I think the insides of my garments are about to get a whole lot cooler. :)

Also, that handy little chalk pen is freaking amazing! I cannot stand the texture of chalk. It sends a literal shiver up my spine. So being able to accurately mark fabric without actually having to touch the chalk is great. I bought the pen along with it's case of refills (8 white and 8 various colors) at Jo-Anns for around 14 bucks. It comes with a sharpener to keep the points crisp. I'm not sure how that'll go, as I imagine it might sound like nails on a chalk board. Shudder! Ick!

Okey dokey, I'm off to sleep. I've got 11 bags to cut out tomorrow. Fun.... Wishing you all extra fun bias tape! Aloha all! :)

*Here is the link to the bias tape tutorial: Bias Tape Tutorial


  1. Ok, I totally share your enthusiasm for this. There will definitely be some awesomeness going on the inside of your garments.
    I've always made bias tape by ironing and it seems to take forever. I may have to get one of those handy bias tape maker gadgets.

  2. I love all things animal print. That bias tape is beyond awesome.


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