Thursday, July 14, 2011

In which our Heroine can't she shops!

Hallo Bloggy friends! Guten tag! Greetings from the new headquarters of Sew Cupcake Couture: Frankfurt, Germany! I'm still waiting for the first shipment of our things to be delivered, so there's no sewing being done. But I have been thinking about sewing and doing my second favorite sewing related activity, shopping for sewing accessories. Albeit, mostly online window shopping, but I have a birthday coming up next month. (Are you taking notes, Hubster?) :) Anyhoo, here are a couple of fun things I found to share.

I've recently outgrown my old method of storing my sewing accoutrements and rather than buy more storage boxes, I've gotten the idea in my head that I need a sewing box. But I need a cute sewing box. I've found these four, and now have the tough choice picking one. Animal prints, cupcakes, or polka dots? I'm torn. I really love the shape of the animal print boxes, I just wish there was a picture of the inside.

I've been coveting the pressing hams and seam rolls from Sunni at A Fashionable Stitch for a really long time. They are lovely, but just a smidge too pastel for me. So I went searching around etsy and found the StitchNerd store. When the first thing I saw was the red leopard pressing ham in her profile picture, I knew I was in the right place. :) Her shop is full of all the pressing tools, pin cushions, and haberdashery that my little drag queen heart could desire. I ended up ordering a custom set, but here are a few sets that made making a decision difficult.

I also ordered this mini pink hip curve and t-sqare set. I justified it by telling myself I'll need them to alter patterns for my ridiculous hip/waist difference, but's pink! :)

I can't vouch for the workmanship yet as I haven't gotten my little hands on them, but I can tell you that Sonia has been extremely helpful and accommodating about sending them internationally. I'll review them once they arrive, but from the pictures they look really well done. Here is the website: StitchNerd Sewing Supplies

Here are a couple garments that kinda get the mojo flowing and have me saying, "I could totally make that!" :)

I feel like I've seen this dress everywhere, but I want it too. This is the version I found on Modcloth, which tends to be expensive. has some lace on sale that may just need to come live in Germany with me. I'm thinking Pink, Pistachio, or Black. Or all three. Not all on one dress though. :)

I guess I'm on a lace/eyelet kick right now because I also found this skirt at ModCloth. I really like their products but they tend to be seriously short. I wouldn't wear a pencil skirt to work anyway (as I'm often on the floor with the kids), but still, no one wants to pull a Britney.

I'm loving the pleating on this dress. I'm not so crazy about the print but that's the beauty of sewing, I can make it it whatever color I want. The best part? It looks really similar to V8020*, which is already in my stash. I love it when it works out like that! :)

Modcloth Dress V8020

So I hope you liked what I brought for show and tell. Do you have any super fun sewing related stuff? Do share with class. Aloha all!

*Can I just tell you how annoying it is to be without my sewing stuff? I know I'm like a broken record here, but while trying to write this post I knew that I had a dress pattern that matched the purple dress but I didn't remember the pattern number or who made it. All I remembered was that the dress on the envelope was orange. It seriously took me nearly an hour to track this bad boy down. If I hadn't been in a public place I would've busted out my victory dance. That said, there was much cursing inside of my head as I hunted. :)

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