Thursday, July 28, 2011

My New Wardrobe Plan: The Fabric

Hello Bloggy Friends!  Today's post is all about the fabric. :)  This was my first time attempting to plan out a whole wardrobe.  Knowing what an ADD indecisive creature I can be, I limited my colors to black and white.  (Grey may be added later)  Even with my narrow color options I still spent a good two hours in Jo-Anns waffling back and forth.  Man, can I just say how much it sucks to buy fabric in stores compared to online?  Ignoring the whole "touching the fabric before you buy it thing."  It is expensive!  Don't even get me started on G Street Fabrics, which is located in the traffic hell called Seven Corners, VA.  I refuse to drive in Seven Corners.   I am not exaggerating when I say I probably could've gotten 3x the fabric had I purchased it online.  Alas, that's what happens when you try and move in two days. :sigh:  Anywhoo, time for the pretties!

3 yards.  Cotton blend w/ glitter.  I'll use this for one of the dresses and try to squeeze out a top with any extra.

1.75 yards. Poly blend.  Tunic top, most likely M5851 sans bows or yo-yos.

For some reason when I tried to take pictures of the black fabrics on their own, they would show up as grey.  On the left is a black linen blend. 1.64 yards (end of the bolt).  This is up first as B4686 view C.  The B&W rose is a poly silky something.  I don't know why I torture myself trying to sew these annoying fabrics, probably because they keep printing the cutest things on them.  In this case, I couldn't say no to the tattoo rose like print.  Only 1 yard cuz this sucker was 9.99 a yd.  Ugh, if I find this online for cheaper I'll probably throw something.  I think this will be a Sorbetto if I can't make it work with any of the other tops.

L: 1.75 yards of black stretch sateen.  This will be a pencil skirt and whatever top I can squeeze out of the rest.  I'm thinking part of M5882 or  part or NL6048.  R: 1.22 yards (end of bolt) white w/ black flocked dots.  This is pretty sheer and will have to be underlined.  I'm thinking M5882, or the bow blouse from S2154.

L: 2 yards white stretch sateen.  This will be View E of B4686, unless I change my mind and want a dress. R: 2 yards linen blend.  Another skirt I think.  This is a pretty heavy fabric, and sorta scratchy.  I'd have to underline everything if I wanted a top or dress out of this.

This is it so far.  There are some pretties (on sale!) online that I'm keeping an eye on.  But first I have to sew up some of this.  The Hubster gives me the evil eye every time I mention more fabric.  Well, he should've been more specific when he said, "Just buy more fabric."  I don't think he'll underestimate my fabric buying powers anymore. LOL! 

Toodles for now, bloggy friends.  I've got a muslin to sew.  Aloha, all!

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  1. Very pretty fabric choices but I know what you mean about those prices. I haven't bought any fabric online from online in years but drool over them almost everyday lol.


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