Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My New Wardrobe Plan: The Patterns

Hello Bloggy Friends!  Today's post is brought to you by procrastination. You see, while it is one thing to pull a college paper out of your "you-know-what", it is an entirely different matter to prepare for a major international move in two days. That is to say, you can't. Well, maybe you can but I certainly can't. I'll spare you the details by just saying that pretty much everything got f*cked up. Everything. It was certainly a lesson learned.

The point is, all my sewing stuff, patterns, fabric, reference books ect, were packed in the wrong shipment. Instead of taking two and a half weeks to get here, it will all take two and a half to three months. I cried. Like a giant baby. Luckily, I was able to shove one small container of my sewing necessities into the correct shipment. Stuff like my sewing shears, pins, marking tools, and measuring tape. After I finished crying on Skype to the Hubster, he told me "Just buy more fabric." Smart man, that one. So I spent two days picking out patterns and coming up with a sewing plan to keep me busy until my other stuff gets here. (Typing this all out makes me seem like a big baby, but trust me when I say it was a drama filled week)

Here are the patterns I picked out.  I received the first shipment today, and am expecting the last one tomorrow.   I nabbed these while they were on sale in their various venues.  Hooray for pattern sales.


From top clockwise: M5882, M5851, M5664



 From top clockwise: M6318, NL6048, B5306



L to R: B4686 and B5466

Vintage inspired separates and Jacket:

 L to R: S2154 and S2311

Check back later for My New Wardrobe Plan: The Fabrics. :)

PS: This was my first post using the new Blogger  post editor.  I found it to be freaking infuriating challenging.  Apologies if anything seems out of whack.  I'm still trying to get the hang of it.   


  1. Looks like a good plan! I was looking at color palettes yesterday for my fall planning. Can't wait to see your fabric choices.

  2. Can't wait to see all the stuff you sew. I've made up that Butterick skirt before, and I have a few of the other patterns in the stash. I can't wait til I get to see how they turn out. :]


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