Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The New Shops @ McCall...complete with unsewable patterns (at least for me)

Today I received the email introducing the new Shops @ McCall store. I eagerly followed the link to check out the new store. I was excited to see what appeared to be a new line of patterns. There were a variety of patterns, all done in a pretty illustration. Perusing through the skirts and dresses section, I quickly found quite a few patterns from a company called Marfy that tickled my fancy.

Super cute! Love the petal details and the color.

Interesting lines.

Not the cutest styling ever, but I still like illustration.


Then I read the note saying that these were expert only patterns. Really? They don't look that difficult. Below is taken from the website.

• Do not have cutting layouts
• Do not have seam allowances
• Do not have hem allowances
• Do not have instructions for assembly
All sizing is European and all measurements are in centimeters. See the special Marfy Body Measurement Chart on each design page to calculate your size.

Fabric requirements are only estimates, and are for one size only. You must calculate the amount of fabric required on your own. Contrast and trims are not calculated.

The pattern tissue has minimal markings in four languages (Italian, English, French and Spanish). Letters indicate matching"

Um, what??? Apparently each single size pattern is hand cut on onion skin to "insure perfect fit, line, and elegance." You still have pick a size, and what, hope you fit perfectly within their size chart? Right, because everyone can sew right out of the envelope. This would make sense to me if you gave them your own measurements and then they made you a perfectly fitting pattern. What do you do if you need to make adjustments? Strange.
Then, all you have to do is lay the pattern on your fabric and cut. But first you have to figure out the cutting layout, add your hem and seam allowances, then you put it together with no instructions. Well, now I understand the "expert only label," which leaves me to wonder, who is going to buy these? Perhaps the same people who might have use for a $500 ironing board?
I hope I don't sound too much like a Bitter Betty, but I am just a smidge annoyed. It's a little annoying to be shown new pretty patterns only to be told, "Just kidding, noob, these patterns aren't for you." Grrrrr.
I guess I have a new project trying to knock off the green petal bodice thing. The bolt of pattern drafting fabric they sell would come in handy for that. See? Not everything is annoying about the new shop. They do carry some handy things, that you know, come with instructions. :)
So, tell me bloggy friends, are you an expert enough to sew with Marfy patterns? I'd like to hear someone's experience with them.
PS: This isn't to say that this was the only pattern company sold on the site, it was just new to me. There are plenty of other patterns as well.


  1. Marfy does have some really cool designs. It doesn't really bother me that I can't sew them yet though. I just look at them as a goal of sorts, thinking that, though I can't sew them now, one day I will want something challenging and will be able to sew them. :]

  2. That's a good way of looking at it. :)


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