Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's the Birthdoona Party of the Year!

Hello Bloggy Friends!  It's party time!  We're celebrating the most groovy-ist Balloona-ist Kalkatroonan out there, Miss Oonaballoona.  (Say that five times fast!)  I may be a little late to the party, but I think my guest will more than make up for that.  But first, the outfit!  

A half handmade outfit.  My fave self drafted polka dot skirt.

And I haz cute shoes! 

 Anywhoo, I ran into Officer McNaughty while I was on my way up.  He says he's here to check out a "noise level violation."  This must be some party! :)   Oh Officer, what a big night stick you have.  The better to WHAT with!?  Oh my.  Hmmm, your badge seems to be made of tin foil, Officer.  You know, Oona, I'm starting to wonder if he's a legit real cops also carry a boom box and techno music?  Well, the handcuffs look real. ;)

Oh hai, Officer McNaughty!
Oops!  I swearz I thought he was a real cop, Ruggy!  Sorry! :)

Happy Birthday Ms. Oona Balloona! Enjoy! ;)
P.S.  I have no idea how she is able to look so cute in her photos whilst making the most hilarious faces.  I swear I took like 700 pics trying to make an "Oona Face," and none of them really turned out right.  Mad props on your photo skills, Ms. Balloona!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who I Want To Dress Like When I Grow Up: Penelope Garcia

Hello Bloggy Friends!  Things are going a tad bit slow with my skirt.  (Note to self:  You are not smarter than the pattern designers yet.  Put it together in the right order or you'll have to unpick nearly every single stitch!)   
Soooo, I thought it was time for a another edition of WIWTDLWIGU!  Today's post features another fictional character, the lovely Penelope Garcia of the tv show Criminal Minds.  She is the bubbly girl geek behind the elite team of FBI profilers.  Excellent show, if you haven't seen it, but will certainly spook you sometimes.

Garcia (as she's called on the show) is like a happy rainbow explosion.  She rocks multiple colors, many accessories, and has the biggest collection of glasses I've ever seen.  As someone who wears glasses, I find this highly enviable. 

See!?  Lime sparkly glasses that match her earrings!  So jealous!  Oh, and a purple feather fascinator that matches her eyeshadow. :)

Part of her appeal is her personality.  She is the much needed colorful comic relief on a show that deals in boring suits and serial killers.  Note:  There is nothing wrong with suits, if that's your thing. :)  Her work station is a collection of sparkly, fluffy, fun things.  I love sparkly, fluffy, fun things!

I think I need that pen in my life.

The only thing that might rival her pen and glasses collection is her hair accessory collection.  While I tend to be boring and wear black and white a lot, I do love the hair accessories.  We have that in common. 

More cute clothes, and fun pens. :) Oh, and a cherry bracelet!  I really dig food jewelry for some reason.

 One of my goals is to incorporate more color into my wardrobe.  I love color, and have the fabric stash to prove it, but I get stuck in a matchy matchy rut and don't always know how to put it all together without looking like I'm insane.  I guess I'll have to stay tuned into the next season of Criminal Minds for some inspirational how to.

So until next time Bloggy Friends, happy hair accessories and fun pens for all!  Aloha!

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