Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's a Zebra Sorbetto!

Holy crap, it's been a long time guys.  I won't bore you with the whiny angst ridden tale of how I've gained a million pounds, how much I hate moving, and living in Germany, and how much I want to go home.  Let's just say I'm counting down the months...

Suffice to say, there is nothing like a bout of emo-ness to block your creativity.  That and a three month wait for all (well, some of it anyway) your sewing stuff to make a long trip over the Atlantic.  But I digress...I finally got my crap together, stopped moping, and started sewing.  I did start this project before the the move.  I cut and basted everything together in the States, and finished it here in Frankfurt.  This is an International Sorbetto, people!  Enough of the chit chat, time for pictures.

I'm really happy with the construction.  I french seamed the side and shoulders, and I really took my time with the bias binding.  It was by far the most nerve wracking part of this project.


As if matching shoes and a hair flower weren't enough (I'm a matchy-matchy kind of Drag Queen) it's matching makeup!  For you know...when your turquoise zebra print shirt doesn't make a big enough statement.  :)  Next up: A Polka Dot Sorbetto!  This one won't take six months either....

P.S.  You are not confused if you think you've seen this fabric before.  It's the same as the Charlie bag I made, too.  I am certainly getting my money's worth from that sheet set. :)

P.P.S.  The Sorbetto is a free pattern download from Colette Patterns.  It is awesome.  They are awesome.  You should check them out. :)


  1. Hi! I really like your blog but it's very difficult to read with the light letters on the white background. I would love to read more about what you are making, is there any chance you could make the lettering a bit darker?
    Anyway, I love your style, you make lovely things and know how to wear them well!

  2. Hi! I changed my format a little while ago and all my recent posts are in black. I forgot about the old ones and will start changing them over. I'm glad you like the blog. :)



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