Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Wrap Up and Goals for 2012

Hello Bloggy Friends!  Here it is, that time of the year when we review the things we've sewn and plan our future projects.  I'm not gonna lie peeps, I did not do well.  I sewed a grand total of, well, two things.

Wooo!  Not.  Those two things were made from the same fabric (old bed sheet) as well. :cough:  Well, onward and upward I say!  2011 was not the greatest year of my life so I am really looking forward to the awesomeness that 2012 is sure to bring!  Ok, so goals:

1.  Sew.  It is pretty terrible when I consider the size of my fabric and pattern stash, plus the fact that I have about 6 hours of "Me" time everyday, that I only completed two items.  So, how do I fix that?

2.  Spend less time on the internet.  The interwebs are a giant time suck.  Sure, they are full of useful things that are worthy of my time like tutorials and things that help me learn to sew.  But they are also full of cute puppy videos and other "Awww" inducing distractions.  Seriously, can you every just watch one cute puppy video on Youtube?  I didn't think so.

3.  Finish setting up my sewing room.  This is the first time I've ever had an entire space devoted to me since I've gotten married.  However, some of the boxes are still not unpacked from our move.  In my defense, I'm waiting on my new shelving so I can unpack the rest of my fabric stash.  I have a hard time staying focused when I'm surrounded by clutter, so the cleaner the space, the more productive I will be.  I hope.  :)

4.  Be a better blogger.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when a blogger shows me the fabric and pattern and then never shows the finished project.  I am totally guilty of this!  It's so annoying, my bad!  This one ties into the first goal.  No all I need to do is actually sew something so I can actually blog about it. :) Easy, right?

The Sewing Plan:

I think another reason I didn't get much done was that I had no set schedule or deadlines.  I like structure in my life and pretty much require it to get anything done in a timely manner.  I'm a procrastinator, if it can be pushed back, then it will be pushed back.  Hey, the first step is acknowledging the problem, right?  So, my challenge for myself is to make 1 thing every 2 weeks.  I think this is reasonable, considering I have no pets children to take care of.

 To start off with, I am going to work through all the patterns from The Colette Sewing book.  I love love love Colette Patterns and think Sarai did an amazing job with the book.  I feel very confident that completing the projects in the book with help me hone my skills and become a better seamstress.  Then after I finish that, one pattern each month will be a Colette pattern, while the other can be whatever I choose.  Hopefully this will lessen my sewing ADD.  I went a little crazy during the Black Friday sale this year, so I'm pretty much set for my challenge :)

So, that's my plan.  What are you sewing this year?  
Wishing your and yours the very best that this year has to offer.  Happy New Year!

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