Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Too fat to sew

I've been trying to write this fucking post for an hour now.   I can't seem to manage more than a paragraph without running into some tangent, so bullet points will suffice for today.

  • I read blogs everyday.  I enjoy the community and seeing the awesome stuff people come up with but I haven't posted in so long because I haven't sewn anything in so long.
  • Why?  Lots of reasons, but right now the idea of sewing anything besides an elastic waist skirt fills me with equal parts anger and self-loathing.
  •  I have a pretty good relationship with my body, so this backslide into my high school mindset is really fucking annoying.  Note: I haven't even gained weight.
  • Posting a photo of myself on the interwebs?  Yeah, not gonna happen.

I keep making plans and then not following through.  So I'm just going to throw those out the window.  I really want to sew.  So you may be seeing a bunch of elastic waist skirts while I work though my ridiculous body image issues.  Thanks for sticking around, bloggy friends.

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