Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Too fat to sew

I've been trying to write this fucking post for an hour now.   I can't seem to manage more than a paragraph without running into some tangent, so bullet points will suffice for today.

  • I read blogs everyday.  I enjoy the community and seeing the awesome stuff people come up with but I haven't posted in so long because I haven't sewn anything in so long.
  • Why?  Lots of reasons, but right now the idea of sewing anything besides an elastic waist skirt fills me with equal parts anger and self-loathing.
  •  I have a pretty good relationship with my body, so this backslide into my high school mindset is really fucking annoying.  Note: I haven't even gained weight.
  • Posting a photo of myself on the interwebs?  Yeah, not gonna happen.

I keep making plans and then not following through.  So I'm just going to throw those out the window.  I really want to sew.  So you may be seeing a bunch of elastic waist skirts while I work though my ridiculous body image issues.  Thanks for sticking around, bloggy friends.


  1. I hate it when those nagging ridiculous body image issues crop up...and they definitely crop up for everyone at one point or another! Hang in there--you are absolutely beautiful!! Big hugs!!!

  2. Everyone has those moment. Have been there, and sincerely they don't stay forever. You will soon get back in the groove. To move on in life we have to first accept who we are. You are beautiful just the way you are, can't wait to see your beautiful skirts.

  3. Ah, body image misery. Been there. I so agree with Aminat. We all go through these times. You've had so many meaningful life changes in the past couple of years. Allow yourself to settle into the new pace and ways. Just remember you're gorgeous! And we don't need to see your pics to hear what you're up to.

  4. Yeah, there are definitely times where there are certain parts of my body I just don't want to have to measure ... I've discovered few patterns that don't require extensive fitting that work for me. It's a good time to sew for others too, if you know anyone who would appreciate your hard work. I hope you won't let it keep you from sewing, even if it does guide your choice of projects!

  5. Girl, I totally feel ya.

    Allow yourself to post about whatever you want, picture or no picture!

    ALSO, I am in love with your "recipe" about you. Fabulous.


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