Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why this week will rock.

Howdy, bloggy amigos!  I hope you're all having wonderful weekends.  I know I've said it before, but I think my favorite day of the week is Sunday.  I know a lot of people dread the start of the work week, but I feel such anticipation each Sunday night.  I'm especially excited for work this week.  The theme in our class is pumpkin.  We'll be hunting for pumpkins, carving, painting, and will wrap up the week with a pumpkin pancake feast! 

I found the greatest themed fabric.  Wouldn't this be great for a skirt?  I know my kiddos would get a kick out of it. has some great Halloween choices and I'm still deciding on my costume.  Are you dressing up?


My project this week is a wrap skirt.  I came across the very first thing I ever made and it reminded me how easy (no zippers, no elastic!) wrap skirts are to make.  The other great thing about them?  They can shrink as you shrink.  And I have currently shrunk 3 lbs since my last post! :)  Thank you, ladies for your kind words.  I'm making some healthy choices and am pleased to see the difference already.

So, pumpkin everything, happy kiddos, and body positive sewing.  My week is shaping up to be pretty great.  Tell me why your week is going to be awesome.

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