Sunday, January 27, 2013

Currently: 01/27/13

Wondering:  Where on earth did my weekend go?  It didn't help that a spent almost half my day at work today.  My classroom was in serious need of an overhaul, and I finally got around to it today.  I just didn't think it would take nearly 6 hours.  And I still need to finish my lesson plan for the week.  Ugh....ok I'm done whining.

Sewing:  I finished this last night. It's New Look 6816.  If you guys follow me on Instagram (CupcakeZombiez) then you may have seen it already.  I'll have the post up soon.  I've been doing the funny self timer camera dance trying to figure out how to get the best photo without a photographer.  Lazy Hubster is lazy.

Conversation from last night:
Hubster: Do you take pictures in front of that so people think you live like a Drag Queen?
Me (out loud): Yep.  Plus this is the only room with good light at 1 am.
Me (in my head): Well considering the shower curtain, bath and toilet mats, and hand towels are all zebra print I'm pretty sure I do live like a Drag Queen.  Duh.

Can't really say that though, he doesn't realize my drag queen paraphernalia is slowly taking over our house.  I've been asked to contain it to my room, but it's slowly infecting fabulous-ing the rest of the house, starting with the bathroom. LOL! I'm a ninja Drag Queen.

Sweating:  Nothing!  Because I was a lazy ass this week.  Thankfully I chose this week to eliminate soda from my diet.  I'm pretty sure that's what kept me from gaining back last week's weight.

Anticipating:  February.  Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  I've even purchased some fabric to make a themed skirt to wear at school.  Along with some dino fabric, but that's for another post.  The Hubster and I are also waiting on some pretty important news.  We should know by mid to late Feb.  Finger crossed!  Feel free to send some positivity my way.

Planning:  Another NL6816.  To sew a pair of boxers tomorrow.  Tuesday is The Hubster's birthday.  True to form, he has already purchased anything he wants, so he's getting boxers, and whatever I find for him at the mall tomorrow.

So, Bloggy Amigos, any thing interesting this week?  What's on your sewing table?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Currently: 01/20/13

Tired:  Of all this snow.  Really, I'm not a fan of winter in general.  I've been trying to take pictures of last week's projects but the weather is planning against me.  I'll get it done this week, even if I have to stand in front of my closets with terrible lighting. :le sigh:

Planning:  ANOTHER LEOPARD PRINT GARMENT!  Are you shocked?  I recently saw this pattern made up in the cutest fox fabric and I had to have one too.  I love bows, the bigger the better.  Seriously though, it's bigger than her face.  I'm not so sure about the fabric though, it's challis (which the pattern calls for) but it's suuuuuper drapy.  I'm not sure how to bow will hold up.  Also, I'm pretty sure I need to sew up this leopard print.  It's totally a wardrobe basic, right?  I thought so.

Sweating:  Amigos, I am shrinking like crazy.  I've lost a handful of inches from all over my body.  I haven't sewn anything fitted so it hasn't been a big deal, but it's making me want to stick to knits rather than wovens.  Worst (and best) case scenario, I can always take it in.

Enjoying:  No work on Monday.  Three day weekends for the win.  I plan on tidying up the sewing room and getting all the prep work done for the V2154.  Maybe I'll harass the Hubster into taking some photos since he will be home too.

Any of you guys have Monday off?  Watcha sewing?  Tell me, tell me, tell me! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Currently: 01/13/13

Excited:  I have had such a productive week (sewing and otherwise).  I've sewn a dress, a skirt, and taken in a pair of pants!  I'm on fi-yah! 

While boxy looking here, it is actually fitted and flared on me, promise.  This skirt was such a pain in the ass.  Mostly because I didn't read the directions thoroughly.  My seam ripper and I became very good friends.  I think she was mad because I didn't need her at all on my Snake print V1179.

 I love this dress pattern.  I've worn the leopard version a ton already.  I still need to finish the hem on this on (and the skirt) but I cut and sewed it all in less than 5 hours.

Sweating:  Still going strong on the Turbofire.  I'm adding in some weightlifting this week.  Zumba class kicked butt last week and I've been asked to teach a song at the next one.  Woot!

Reading:  I didn't read too much this past week, but I'm diving back into The Colette Sewing Handbook.  I started a Meringue skirt last year and I want to either finish or redo it this week. 

Anticipating:  Work, funny enough.  I was uber meticulous about my lesson planning for this coming week, so I'm curious to see if my class will run differently.

So Bloggy Friends, how did your week go?  Got anything awesome planned for this one, sewing or otherwise?  I'm all ears!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Turquoise Zebra Wrap Skirt

What's happening, Bloggy Friends?  During my New Years resolution induced cleaning frenzy I came across the first item I ever sewed.  I realized I'd never blogged about it so here we are.  This is the Breezy Easy Wrap Skirt from Diana Rupp's Sew Everything Workshop.  I purchased it at the beginning of my sewing journey in order to teach myself how to sew.

 Longtime readers may recognize the bedsheet fabric from here and here.  I do think this was the most successful iteration of the fabric.  I don't wear the Sorbetto (wrong drape and weight) but I do use the bag to haul my gym stuff.

Looking back, I'm pretty impressed with myself.  The waistband (which I ironed within an inch of it's life) is pretty spot on.  I chuckled at the fact that each major seam was finished differently.  I guess I was feeling them out.  All in all, I'm pretty pleased with it as a first project.  A couple years later I now know to french seam the panels together and use better fabric, so I think I'll give this one another go.  It is the perfect skirt for fluctuating sizes.  

Sidenote:  I took in a pair of jeans today as I've lost almost an inch from each thigh. :)  Pre-sewing, I would've had to get rid of my favorite pair of jeans.  Not anymore!  Now maybe I'll hem the four pairs of pants that are chilling the the drawer.  Boring...

How is your week going?  I haven't touched my UFO black skirt but I've finished my second V1179 except for the hem (recurring theme, I see).  What's on your sewing table?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Currently: 01/06/13

Watching: So. Much. Supernatural!  It took 12 episodes to sew my last project.  I'm on episode number three for my newest one.  It's the perfect show to "watch" while I sew as I'm normally too much of a chicken to look at the scary parts!  The eye candy part isn't too bad either.  Dean is a hottie. :)


Reading:  Zombies and Farming.  Not the same book, lol.  The Hubster gave me half a library for Christmas so I've been spending my time reading about chicken/bee keeping, intensive farming, cheese making, and zombies. :)  I think it's safe to say I'll be set for the zombie apocalypse when it happens.

Anticipating:  Going back to work.  As much as I love sleeping in until 10:30 every day, I do miss my little monsters.  Though I'm sure it'll be an exciting week as my teaching assistant is on vacay for another week and they're always a bit bananas when we come back from a break.

 Sewing:  Another V1179!  What can I say?  Knits and three pattern piece dresses for the win!  I'm making this one up in a knit snakeskin fabric.  Super classy, I know.  I kinda rushed through the first one and totally half assed the pleats.  Not this time!  Check those babies out.  I even used pins!

Plotting:  More sewing!  Maybe even another V1179.  I think I've found my first TNT pattern.  I also really need to finish my black skirt from last year.  It's all cut out and waiting to be sewn, as soon as I rip out some seams first. :sigh:  And sew the zipper.  But I will finish it this week, pinky swear!

Sweating:  One word you guys: TurboFire!  This. chick. is. CRAZY!  I love it!  I'm not going to lie, sometimes I feel like I'm about to die, but I end up feeling amazing at the end.  I'm not talking about the alleged "runner's high", which I never seemed to find no matter how many miles I ran.  I'm talking about super energy!  I've been driving the Hubster crazy.  LOL!

This is where I am right now, Bloggy Friends, what are you up to currently?

*This post format was inspired by the "Currently" posts over at Sometimes Sweet.  I love Danielle's blog.  It's not sewing related, but I love reading about her and her beautiful family.  She has such a sunny personality. :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Completed: A Leopard-ish V1179

Hello Bloggy Amigos!  I. am. so. excited!  I've sewn!  Me!  Who hasn't sewn in almost a whole year has finally sewn something.  And it's a dress!  My first dress!  And I actually like it and will wear it!!!  That's a lot of exclamation points.  How about I stop shouting at you and show you my dress?

I've had this pattern in my stash for-ever!  But I'd never sewn a knit before, and for some reason had convinced myself they were difficult to sew.  I don't know why.  It sewed up like a dream.  I don't know what the fabric is, I bought it along with a giant box of vintage patterns and notions for 20 bucks right before we left the states.  I'll have to write a post about that box, it's like a time capsule!

Anyways, I wasn't 100% in love with it (like I am with some of my other fabric) so  I used it to make a wearable toile.  Um, you can bet I'm going to wear the heck out of this.  I made minor adjustments.  Despite staystitching the neckline, it stretched a fair bit and the cowl didn't fit in nicely.  I added two pleats to the back and everything worked out.  I didn't have clear elastic for the shoulders, so I just used some thin black elastic instead.  I turned and stitched the armholes instead of using elastic or bias binding.  They aren't perfect but I'll probably end up wearing a cardigan anyway.  I didn't take a huge hem like suggested, just a simple turn and stitch.  I plan to wear this at work and I wanted a little more length, plus I'm lazy.  I left the side seams unfinished because 1. It's a knit and won't unravel (WHY!? Did I never sew with knits?  They're awesome!) and 2.  I plan on shrinking and it'll be easy to take in.

Here are a couple outtakes from the Hubster, who thinks he is. so. funny.  There were a couple of my butt too.  Silly Hubster.  He says I'm a diva to photograph....

I don't know what he's talking about....but I do suddenly remember why I wanted a tripod and a remote control for the camera. Ta-ta for now, Bloggy amigos!  I've already got another one of these planned.  Snake print V1179, anyone? :)
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