Sunday, January 6, 2013

Currently: 01/06/13

Watching: So. Much. Supernatural!  It took 12 episodes to sew my last project.  I'm on episode number three for my newest one.  It's the perfect show to "watch" while I sew as I'm normally too much of a chicken to look at the scary parts!  The eye candy part isn't too bad either.  Dean is a hottie. :)


Reading:  Zombies and Farming.  Not the same book, lol.  The Hubster gave me half a library for Christmas so I've been spending my time reading about chicken/bee keeping, intensive farming, cheese making, and zombies. :)  I think it's safe to say I'll be set for the zombie apocalypse when it happens.

Anticipating:  Going back to work.  As much as I love sleeping in until 10:30 every day, I do miss my little monsters.  Though I'm sure it'll be an exciting week as my teaching assistant is on vacay for another week and they're always a bit bananas when we come back from a break.

 Sewing:  Another V1179!  What can I say?  Knits and three pattern piece dresses for the win!  I'm making this one up in a knit snakeskin fabric.  Super classy, I know.  I kinda rushed through the first one and totally half assed the pleats.  Not this time!  Check those babies out.  I even used pins!

Plotting:  More sewing!  Maybe even another V1179.  I think I've found my first TNT pattern.  I also really need to finish my black skirt from last year.  It's all cut out and waiting to be sewn, as soon as I rip out some seams first. :sigh:  And sew the zipper.  But I will finish it this week, pinky swear!

Sweating:  One word you guys: TurboFire!  This. chick. is. CRAZY!  I love it!  I'm not going to lie, sometimes I feel like I'm about to die, but I end up feeling amazing at the end.  I'm not talking about the alleged "runner's high", which I never seemed to find no matter how many miles I ran.  I'm talking about super energy!  I've been driving the Hubster crazy.  LOL!

This is where I am right now, Bloggy Friends, what are you up to currently?

*This post format was inspired by the "Currently" posts over at Sometimes Sweet.  I love Danielle's blog.  It's not sewing related, but I love reading about her and her beautiful family.  She has such a sunny personality. :)

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