Sunday, January 27, 2013

Currently: 01/27/13

Wondering:  Where on earth did my weekend go?  It didn't help that a spent almost half my day at work today.  My classroom was in serious need of an overhaul, and I finally got around to it today.  I just didn't think it would take nearly 6 hours.  And I still need to finish my lesson plan for the week.  Ugh....ok I'm done whining.

Sewing:  I finished this last night. It's New Look 6816.  If you guys follow me on Instagram (CupcakeZombiez) then you may have seen it already.  I'll have the post up soon.  I've been doing the funny self timer camera dance trying to figure out how to get the best photo without a photographer.  Lazy Hubster is lazy.

Conversation from last night:
Hubster: Do you take pictures in front of that so people think you live like a Drag Queen?
Me (out loud): Yep.  Plus this is the only room with good light at 1 am.
Me (in my head): Well considering the shower curtain, bath and toilet mats, and hand towels are all zebra print I'm pretty sure I do live like a Drag Queen.  Duh.

Can't really say that though, he doesn't realize my drag queen paraphernalia is slowly taking over our house.  I've been asked to contain it to my room, but it's slowly infecting fabulous-ing the rest of the house, starting with the bathroom. LOL! I'm a ninja Drag Queen.

Sweating:  Nothing!  Because I was a lazy ass this week.  Thankfully I chose this week to eliminate soda from my diet.  I'm pretty sure that's what kept me from gaining back last week's weight.

Anticipating:  February.  Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  I've even purchased some fabric to make a themed skirt to wear at school.  Along with some dino fabric, but that's for another post.  The Hubster and I are also waiting on some pretty important news.  We should know by mid to late Feb.  Finger crossed!  Feel free to send some positivity my way.

Planning:  Another NL6816.  To sew a pair of boxers tomorrow.  Tuesday is The Hubster's birthday.  True to form, he has already purchased anything he wants, so he's getting boxers, and whatever I find for him at the mall tomorrow.

So, Bloggy Amigos, any thing interesting this week?  What's on your sewing table?

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  1. Lovely top!!! I like the color and style. Also,don't forget about the Fearless February Sew Along that's in effect now. Still want to participate? If you're no longer interested/changed your mind I understand. Just let me know and I can take you off the participant list. Take care and happy sewing!!!!


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