Monday, February 18, 2013

Currently: 02/18/13

Planning:  My project for Fearless February: the lovely leopard print Crepe from Colette Patterns.  I’ve had this pattern in the stash more over a year.  I’ve been intimidated by the yardage needed and the work I’ll have to do to fit the bodice correctly.  No cheating here like I’ve been doing with all the knits recently.  I meant to get it traced and the bodice muslined this weekend, but I’ve been feeling a little icky.  Hopefully I can at least get the bodice cut tonight.  I’m not to worried about the skirt, it’s a wrap dress.  But I want to make sure that sweetheart neckline is fitted correctly, no gaping!

Sweating:  Off the inches!  I’ve lost about 5 inches so far since I’ve gotten back on the healthy eating/exercise wagon.  I can fit back into some of my older clothes.  Yay!  One item is a pair of plaid pants that I didn’t realize until yesterday does not match up at all.  I can’t unsee that, people.  And it’s driving me crazy.  However, they fit beautifully and make my ass look fantastic, so I’m thinking about tracing them, or cutting them apart for pattern pieces.  I really really really need a pair of leopard print pants.

Loving:  The new fabric I just got in.  What a motley crew these guys are.  Flannel, fleece, dino camo, Valentine themed, veggie print, and terry cloth.  Not to mention the best of all, a glitter leopard print knit!  Oh yes I did!  One step closer to drag queen world domination!  I’ll have a plan post for the rest of these bad boys.  They were supposed to be February projects but you know how that goes…..

Oooooooooh, shiny!
 Well, that’s it for today.  What are you guys doing this week?  Anything fun?  Anything animal print? :)


  1. Hey , where did you get the shinny leopard print fabric from?x


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