Monday, February 4, 2013

V1179 in Sassy Snake Print

I don’t know what else to say, other than that I love this pattern.  I made another V1179 the day after I finished my Leopard ( version.  It sewed up super fast even with me taking the time to pin the hell out of the pleats.  Those babies are perfect.

The material is a little thin, I’m not gonna lie.  I bought like 4 yards of it for less than 10 bucks from Walmart when I first started sewing and had no clue about fiber content.  Let’s be real though, I’d probably buy it again.  I’ve even made a top out of it too.

The only change from the last time I made it was that I French seamed the shoulder seams.  I wanted to give it a little more reinforcement since the fabric was on the thinner side.
 The fit is much slimmer than the leopard version but the fabric isn’t as stretchy either.  I’m pretty pleased, even more so that I wore those shoes to take pictures.  I have two closets of shoes from when I worked at a shoe store in college that hardly get worn.  Six inch heels and a dozen three year olds is an equation for disaster, that’s for sure.
Peace out til' next time, Bloggy Friends!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and a great fit on you

  2. So cute on you!! Love the print. Totally jealous of your patience with those pleats too. Vogue pleats are one of my biggest downfalls. Great job.


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